Nautical sports & Banana boat in Gandía

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Playa De Gandia (Valencia)
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Description of Nautical sports & Banana boat in Gandía

We offer you a bunch of different activities all related to the sea. You can perform different exercises in the sea with the best company and in one of the best beaches of the coastline of Valencia, as the beach of Gandía.

The first of these sports is the so-called multi-nautical. It consists of choosing 2 or even 3 of all the activities we suggest you:
  • Windsurfing, sailboat which guides through the movement of the sea and the wind.
  • One-seater or two-seater kayak, similar to a canoe
  • Light sail catamaran, wooden vessel with no rudder
  • Paddle surf, use of the surf board with a single oar
The whole set of activities will last two hours. All the activities will take place with the help of the qualified instructors who will teach us the beginning or improvement of the sport we choose. To perform the activities there should be at least five participants.

For other hand, all the activities are subject to weather changes and the sea level. Likewise, all the activities can be performed whenever it is equipment available in that moment, if not it should be changed for another option.

If you think it's not much fun with the multi-nautical sport, you can compensate it with the following activity: a trip through the beach of Oliva, riding a banana boat. For 30 minutes you will be visiting the waters from the north of the beach, guided by a speedboat which will take an elevated speed to end up in the water. You will have life vests and your will be watched and monitored in all moment by our qualified instructors.

Water Sports in SpainWater Sports ValenciaWater Sports Playa De Gandia

What does the activity include
  • All types of vessels to perform a variety of activities: kayak, sailboat, surf board or windsurf boat
  • Individual life vests for all activities
  • Highly qualified instructors
How long the activity lasts
The activities that are chosen with the multi-nautical option will have a time of two hours.

Meanwhile, the banana boat will last 30 minutes.

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Basic information

5 - 100 people
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