Paddle surfing course 2 days Playa de Patos

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Nigran (Pontevedra)
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Description of Paddle surfing course 2 days Playa de Patos

Stand up paddle surfing is a relatively easy discipline which you will find easy to learn if you give it some time. That's why in this 2 days we will focus intensively in SUP and you will be able to advance quite a bit in this discipline.

The course consist of a total of 4 hours of lessons in Playa de Patos. They will be distributed throughout the whole weekend, 120 minutes of class on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday, so that it's not too exhausting for you.

The reason why the lesson will take place in Playa de Patos, in Nigrán, it's due to excellent quality of the waters, which made the beach become one of the hot spots for surfers that come to this area of Galicia. It's accessible for every level so we can practice paddle surfing without problems. In this course:

-  We will lend you the equipment: stand up paddle surfing board, the paddle that you will be carrying and the wetsuit that protects from the water's temperature.

- The training will be carried out by instructors that are part of the Federación Gallega de Surf (Surfing Federation of Galicia). You're set up for a quality training, avoiding injuries and bad postures.

- There will be up to 5 participants for each instructor so that we can be completely focused on you.

When we're finished with the sessions, you can just access the school's building to change your clothes and have a hot shower, proud of what you have achieved.

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What does the activity include
  • Necessary equipment for the lessons: board, SUP paddle and wetsuit
  • Instructors with qualification from the Federación Gallega de Surf
  • Personalized attention for the student
  • Facilities next to the beach with changing rooms and showers with hot water
How long the activity lasts
4 hours distributed in 2 hours of class on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday
When your activity starts and finishes
To choose between morning or afternoon.

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1 - 50 people
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