Paintball Game with 100 balls Arganda del Rey

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Arganda Del Rey (Madrid)
 Different scenarios of paintball in Arganda Paintball equipment prepared for the game  Before the game of paintball  In the trench pointing with the marker  Crouched in the trench with the markers  Friends with the paintball equipment  Prepared for the best game of paintball  Hidden between the tires with the paint marker  Aiming at the enemy in the game of paintball  Paintball players behind the brick wall

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Description of Paintball Game with 100 balls Arganda del Rey

Adrenaline, war, plots, and ambushes. Everything we look for a different day with friends or not? Well, that's all we have prepared for you in one of the funniest fields of paintball in the entire Community of Madrid. 100 balls for each of you to download against your enemy-colleague. Do not stop the laughter that in this game an unfortunate laugh can become the end of your game.

As we already know those who like you (and like us) come up easily, a referee of "the house" will divide you into 2 teams, as equitable as possible for the game to flow and not to be blinded to each other, that Although the paintballs are not deadly, theirs is not to charge everyone in the first round.

We will give you the option of choosing different types of games, "Capture the flag" or "Rescue the hostage" if you want to experience, like the rules, always within a limit, or simply if you want to go all against all and let yourself be carried away by Your wildest and funniest side. Whatever your strategy, you must take advantage of your enemy's weaknesses to overcome them.

We have more than 30,000 square meters of fields focused on different themes. We have turned the paintball 180º! The craziest games you can imagine are half an hour from the Puerta del Sol. In addition, you can get there by public transport, taking the metro line number 9.

We take care of the equipment and material. Reliable and precise markers, biodegradable paintballs and protective suit for everyone. Can you imagine your next birthday like this? Or better yet, the next bachelor party that you have to organize?

What do you expect to have fun with a series of betrayals? Are you smarter than the opposing team? Show it, hand marker. In paintball, friendship is demonstrated by a shot of paint.

Paintball in SpainPaintball MadridPaintball Arganda Del Rey

What does the activity include
  • 100 balls per player
  • Complete equipment and protective material
  • Access to one of the paintball fields
How long the activity lasts
You will enjoy the game until there is a winner or you run out of paint capsules. 

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