Quad Trip Through the Ruta de los Contrabandistas

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Ordino (Andorra)
Route in Andorra Trip by a quad in Andorra Sant Pere de Tor Quad adventure Town Quad Excursion in a qaud in Tor

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Description of Quad Trip Through the Ruta de los Contrabandistas

Do you know the Ruta de Los Contrabandistas? If you don't, come to discover it in one of the two-seater quads that we have for you and your companion.

This trip will have as the first stop the Port de Cabús, from where we will stop to appreciate Andorra at its maximum splendor because its 2.306 meters make this place ideal to observe the landscape.

Then, we will go to the Pallars, in Catalonia, from one of the paths that are famous because there took place tobacco smuggling activities. We take advantage of this trip, to explain you the history that involves the towns that surround us, which in other times were divided by the distribution of the connections between Andorra and Spain.

Along with this trip, we will make several stops, so you take pictures of the place, and contemplate the Autochthonous fauna, as the foxes and deer, among other species. In the middle of the trip, in Tor, we will make a stop to get refreshed in Ca la Cisqueta.

We have quads Atv of the brand Polaris 700 available, with which you'll be able to drive if you have the B1 driving license, and you accredit yourself with the corresponding DNI or passport, required for the border crossing.

This trip can be performed from May to November.

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What does the activity include
  • Helmets
  • Two-seater quad.
  • Instructor.
  • Civil Liability insurance.
How long the activity lasts
This two-seater quad trip to the Port de Cabús is 2 hours and a half, approximately.
When your activity starts and finishes
Every day, from 10 AM to 7 in the evening.

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