Rafting for families in Murillo de Gállego

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Murillo De Gallego (Huesca)
Children rowing With the whole family Funny experience Descending the river Facing the rapids
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Description of Rafting for families in Murillo de Gállego

Come and enjoy with the whole family rafting down the river in Murillo de Gállego, in Huesca. This rafting activity is perfectly suitable for the entire family due to we adapt the level of difficulty to the participants' expertise. That is so that even the youngers can enjoy rafting down the river and avoiding the rapids!

Depending on the water flow, the weather conditions and your expertise level, we will descend one of these two river stretches:
  • From Murillo de Gállego to Santa Eulalia bridge: this is a 7 km (23 ft) long stretch. This is classified level II, so it is recommended for children over 7. This tour takes 2 hours and a half.
  • From Central de Carcavilla to Murillo de Gállego: this is a 8 km (26 ft) long stretch. With a difficulty of level III-IV, it takes around 2 hours and could be sailed by children over 12 if water flow is over 20 m3 (4,400 UK gal) or by children over 8 if flow is between 12 (2,600 UK gal) to 20 m3.
Children fees are lower than adults', request information. If coming with people over 14, you will also find deals for rafting level II.

It is important to bring with you closed and footwear appropriate for aquatics, suncream, towel, shower gel and shampoo.

This activity is scheduled between April and October, as long as there is a minimum of 4 people (if you want to book for less people than that, we will sort it out trying to form a group with other people).

It is absolutely mandatory to know swimming.

Don't miss this chance and come to live an unforgettable experience!

Rafting in SpainRafting Huesca

What does the activity include
  • Professional instructor
  • Rafting boat
  • Life vest, paddle and wetsuit
  • Accident and civil liability insurances
  • Transport within our facilitites
How long the activity lasts
Rafting itself takes 2 hours - 2 hours and a half, depending on the stretch chosen + preparation activities time. 
When your activity starts and finishes
At 10:30 and at 16:00. Ask for other timetable hours.
From our facilities to the river back.

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