Parachute Jump 4,000 meters with Video and Photos

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Description of Parachute Jump 4,000 meters with Video and Photos

What activity do you think of, if we describe it as a memorable experience that has to be practised more than one time in your life? The answer is: parachuting! That experience is the one we are proposing you here. Jump from 12,500 feet (4,000 metres) altitude, enough height to fully enjoy this activity while you release adrenaline.

Previous to the jump, a professional instructor will equip you with the necessary material and will give you the appropriate instructions so everything turns out perfectly. Then, you will get on a plane in where you will fly for 15 minutes before jumping.

This is a unique experience, both for participating in it and for giving it as a present. Also, to make the moment even more memorable, we will give you one DVD with a video reportage and a CD, with pictures of your jump.


- To be able to enjoy this activity is necessary to weight more than 45 kg and less than 100kg. If you weight more than 90 kg, please let us know your height, as it should be okay as long as your height os somewhere between 1,40 and no more than 2 metres.  
- Minors need the parent´s authorization and bring the minor´s DNI. 

Skydiving in SpainSkydiving MadridSkydiving Madrid (Ciudad)

What does the activity include
  • Theory session previous to the jump.
  • The required material.
  • Plane flight for 15 minutes.
  • 1-minute freefall jump.
  • Video and pictures of the jump.
How long the activity lasts
Estimated duration of this activity: 2-3 hours approximately, flight, theory session and jump included.
When your activity starts and finishes
From 9 in the morning. All day, as long there is sunlight.

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