Snowshoeing tour to Midi d'Ossau peak 2 days

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Jaca (Huesca)
 Contemplating the views with snowshoes On the way to Pico Midi d´Ossau  Snowshoeing day  Excursion through the Tena Valley  Excursion with snowshoes  Views of the Pico Midi d ´Ossau

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We know that if you've ever tried snowshoes, you've surely been captivated. Just imagining it, our pulse of emotion accelerates: the absolute silence, the mountain breeze, the beautiful landscapes and its serene and curious fauna. An entire experience. That is why we have a planned trip through the Midi d'Ossau of 2 days that will leave us exalted by the colossal places that we will contemplate.

For this fun adventure with 2-day snowshoes , we will be entering the Ossau Valley, belonging to the Pyrenees and located in the French region of the Atlantic Pyrenees, but that nevertheless, it is reached from the Huesca province , through the Tena Valley, crossing the Portalet mountain pass.

We will meet at 9 in the morning at our facilities and from here, with our vehicle, we will go together to the starting point of the snowshoe route. You will not have to worry about anything because we will provide you with all the material: accommodation in an unsaved shelter, a stove for cooking, poles and rackets, as well as individual and group safety materials and prior training.

On our first day we will go to Peygeret Peak, a good way to start our 2-day snowshoe trek as they will welcome us shallow trails that will be a joy to climb, because in addition to being easy to do, we will contemplate beautiful winter landscapes, slopes covered with a blanket of impeccable snow and all adorned with long dark pines that suddenly emerge from the snow.

After rejoicing in the views of the Peygeret, we will conclude our day, and we will head to the free part of the Poimbie refuge to spend the night. At dawn and after recharging our strength with a breakfast, that is when we will head to Midi d´Ossau. We will go around it starting a route around it through the Souzon pass. As we move through the snow at our own pace we can easily and without complex sections or ascents contemplate different angles of the colossal Midi d'Ossau peak, which is characterized by its dark black tone, and its pyramidal shape that many times it prevents the accumulation of snow. After surrounding this beautiful summit, we will return at the end of the route crossing the Valle de la Neu.

For this adventure, you will only have to bring: equipment for sleeping and camping, warm clothing, from socks to a hat, backpack with a capacity of 45 to 50 liters, sun and lip cream, food and supplies, isotonic salts and a 1,5 liters bottle of water.

Have fun and take a break from your everyday life with one of the most elevated sports in the nature, specially considering we will be at heights of 2,884 meters above sea level, where you can see the peak of Midi d'Ossau with a 2-day snowshoe route.

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What does the activity include
  • Accommodation in an unguarded shelter.
  • Stove for cooking.
  • Poles and snowshoes.
  • Collective safety materials.
  • Initial training.
How long the activity lasts
For 2 days, we will have a snowshoe route to the peak of Midi d'Ossau, also passing through the Peygeret.

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3 - 8 people
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