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Description of Adhara Buceo Sevilla

Adhara Diving Sevilla We are a center that teaches diving courses and marine biology. Respecting the limits of each one, we teach to dive in a different way, expressing in the technique the illusion and originality of our project.

Our center consists of divers, biologists, instructors and teachers of yoga, meditation and breathing.

From Adhara Diving Sevilla we offer the following courses:

  • Baptism of diving for those who want to try.
  • Initiation, your first course to obtain the Open Water Diver PADI certification.
  • Advanced. for those who are already diving and want to continue expanding skills.
  • First aid, because it is always good to be well prepared for possible inconvenience.
  • Rescue, a very useful and fun course.
  • Group guide, Dive Master Course for those who want to become diving professionals.
  • FEDAS courses.
  • ESA courses.
  • Nautical school to obtain Master and Captain qualifications of different boats.
  • Course of introduction to marine biology, aimed at all audiences who want to know curiosities about the seabed and the life that inhabits it.
  • Species identification for divers.
  • Cetaceans.
  • Sharks and rays, monograph on these species.

Choose the course that you most want and come to enjoy the sea floor in Adhara Diving Sevilla .

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