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    Refugio ecoburropark
    Donkey Riding Vall De Ebo (Alicante)

    Refugio ecoburropark is a unique place located in Vall de Ebo, Alicante. They organize trips and donkey rides for family groups, for companies and friends. Ebo is a very small municipality that inhabited the Moors and was later repopulated by settlers. This mixture of cultures has enriched the... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Proyectos Burruticas Paseo en Burro
    Donkey Riding Abaran (Murcia)

    The donkeys are very friendly animals and achuchables, reason why a ride in donkey is ideal for people of all the ages. Meet Ceiza and Rio Segura next to a donkey that will become your friend and your companion. Beside you, you can know the vegetation of the area and enjoy all the beauty that... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Nou Ranxo Donkey Riding
    Donkey Riding Santa Susanna (Barcelona)

    Are you looking for an activity with which you can enjoy the animals? At Nou Ranxo we offer you riding in a fun way: on top of a donkey. The donkeys we have on the ranch are small, quiet and anyone can ride on them. It is a perfect activity for children and young people since donkeys are much... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Rucs de la Serralada
    Donkey Riding Tiana (Barcelona)

    Come with your little ones to live an experience in full contact with nature and animals thanks to Rucs de la Serralada and our donkey rides, where you will enjoy these caring animals and an ideal environment in the countryside... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Vuelta & Vuelta Donkey Riding
    Donkey Riding San Ildefonso O La Granja (Segovia)

    Is there anything more endearing than a burrito? If there is, we do not want to know. In Vuelta & Vuelta we have a tender litter of 10 little donkeys that will delight the little ones. The children will have a great time caressing and playing with the burritos, totally habituated to them. They... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    from 15€
    Donkey Riding Arenys De Munt (Barcelona)

    In LÂ'Unicorn Inclusive Farm you will find a space in natural surroundings with sea views, where you can enjoy and learn with the animals, in addition to interacting with them. We were born with the objective of making accessible to different groups with special needs... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Centro Hípico Rodonyá Donkey Riding
    Donkey Riding Rodonya (Tarragona)

    At the Rod?y H?pico Center we do not only have the possibility of teaching horses to ride and with it the techniques of taming and pupilaje required. We also have other types of activities that focus more on user-specific entertainment. Besides counting on horse routes, we also have routes in... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    El Burro Peregrino
    Donkey Riding Zamora (City) (Zamora)

    Do you lack something in the popular parties of your town or city and you do not know what it is? If we know, the Pilgrim Donkey rents donkeys, horses and camels !! We are located in Zamora, Catilla and Leon, our donkeys are unique, cared for and raised in the best facilities in Morales del... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Donkey Riding Tres Cantos (Madrid)

    In Burroland we offer you a small corner to enjoy nature without leaving Madrid. We are a non-profit association that watches over the rights of donkeys, an animal that has been so helpful to man throughout history. We invite you to visit us and spend some time with these peculiar animals and... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Cervera en Burro
    Donkey Riding Cervera De Buitrago (Madrid)

    Cervera in Donkey we are a company that makes routes in Donkey by Cervera de Buitrago, from there our name. We also carry out activities for companies, groups of friends, even for bachelor parties. It has always been said that donkeys are not very reliable because we are going to show you that... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Actividades en Burro
    Donkey Riding Los Llamosos (Soria)

    With Activities in Burro you can enjoy Soria in a different way. Our center is in Los Llanosos. From here, we organize various donkey tours, or carts pulled by these animals. We also have the privilege of being located in an excellent place, surrounded by a great natural wealth, so that in... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Los Burros de Juanino
    Donkey Riding Vejer De La Frontera (Cádiz)

    Welcome to the Juanino Donkeys cultural association! Our goal is to make known this extraordinary animal, and to prove that its bad reputation is not deserved, since it is one of the noblest animals that you will know. They are very intelligent and affectionate. It is said that they are... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Burros Taxi de Mijas
    Donkey Riding Mijas (Málaga)

    Burros Taxi de Mijas is a company that, for many decades, has been producing an original tourist activity in Mijas, rich in historical and cultural heritage. We do walks on donkeys, as they used to be in the old days, as a "taxi". In fact, our burritos carry the same gear they used to... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Plata y Acero
    Donkey Riding Villanueva De La Vera (Cáceres)

    In Silver and Steel we have completely recovered a typical block, with all the traditional instruments and uses. The donkey, an animal known for its tranquility and caution, has been an inseparable companion of man. Being used in different tasks from day to day in a not so distant past as many... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    Senderos Sierra Plata
    Donkey Riding Facinas (Cádiz)

    With Sierra Silver trails you can stroll in donkeys in the natural parks of Los Alcornocales or El Estrecho. You will discover the most pleasant and funny way of knowing these incomparable landscapes on the backs of our noble animals. Our donkey routes are suitable for all ages so that you... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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    En Burro Por Aliste
    Donkey Riding Alcañices (Zamora)

    Knowing the Shire of Aliste is more appetizing on any of the animals in Burro por Eniste. Our enterprising burritos are a kind used to collaborate with the man in the works of the field and, now, they put at your service to give pleasant walks by the zone. The donkey represents a very safe and... (Donkey Riding in Spain)

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