Centro Hípico Rodonyá Donkey Riding

Anselm Clavé 4 43812 Rodonya (Tarragona)
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Description of Centro Hípico Rodonyá Donkey Riding

At the Rodonyà Equestrian Center we not only have the possibility to teach you how to ride a horse and with it the required dressage and pupil techniques. We also have other types of activities that focus more on the user's specific entertainment.

In addition to having horse riding, we also have donkey routes . These small animals are completely domesticated and coexist perfectly with humans since the first time they began to domesticate was in the 5th century BC. C. They have been working side by side with us for centuries and helping us with a lot of tasks that could not have been carried out if they had not been there.

With the donkey rides you can get to know these nice horses and get to create a very special vehicle, since these, once they gain confidence, are very faithful and affectionate. If you feel like taking a different walk through the nature of Rodonyà , we assure you that accompanied by these animals there will not be a second of boredom.

Donkey Riding Rodonya

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