Donkey Riding in Fraga

Donkey Riding in Fraga

Guide of companies to ride donkey in Fraga . Check prices and get the best deals through the different companies of excursions in donkey in Fraga . The donkey rides in Fraga and donkey rides in Fraga are perfect activities for birthdays, corporate events and incentives, teambuilding, original gifts and bachelor parties.

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Ganados Tolubio
Company Fraga (Huesca)

Cattle Tolubio Donkey Rides offers you this beautiful experience, on the back of an animal that we have to take special care of, since it is in danger of extinction. The donkey is a peaceful animal that enjoys the company of humans, so it is a good idea for the little ones to know it. For children we propose walks on the backs of these great animals. In addition to walking on top of our animals, children can learn the history of donkeys. They are given information and taught to respect these animals and any animal, whether in danger of extinction like this or not. Rent this show with donkeys for your festive events and draw a smile on the little ones. You will not regret it! Check Tolubio Cattle Donkey Rides from right here! (Donkey Riding Fraga)

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Bieke · Hello, we stay in Formigal End of August. We like a 1-day tour con burro with our family. Is that possible? What is the price? Thank you for more information! Best regards.