Donkey Riding in País Vasco

Donkey Riding in País Vasco

Guide of companies to ride donkey in País Vasco . Check prices and get the best deals through the different companies of excursions in donkey in País Vasco . The donkey rides in País Vasco and donkey rides in País Vasco are perfect activities for birthdays, corporate events and incentives, teambuilding, original gifts and bachelor parties.

All the Donkey Riding companies in País Vasco

Casa Rural Los Huetos
Company Hueto Arriba (Álava)

Let your children develop their passion for nature by coming to visit our rural house Los Huetos. In our house you can interact with our farm animals and you will have the possibility to make a family trip of the most entertaining, which consists of: - Ride in bu... (Donkey Riding País Vasco)

Club Hípico Goikomendi
Company Lemoiz (Vizcaya)

The Goikomendi equestrian club offers burrito or pony rides for the little ones. For children or girls under 6 years old. Walks to the 20 minute pass with the burrito or the pony guided by the branch. The Goikomendi Equestrian Club is located at the top of Andraka. In the coastal municipality of... (Donkey Riding País Vasco)