Plata y Acero

Finca Jamarín 10470 Villanueva De La Vera (Cáceres)
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Description of Plata y Acero

In Silver and Steel we have completely recovered a typical stable , with all the traditional instruments and uses.

The donkey , an animal known for its tranquility and caution, has been inseparable companion of man. Being used in different day-to-day tasks in the past not as far away as many think.

Our activities, created around the world of donkeys , are designed so that you can enter into direct contact with them and get to know their surroundings.

In Silver and Steel you can:

  • Visit the block
  • Get in touch with animals
  • You can take care, feed and caress our noble asses

We also have different educational activities focused on knowing the world of the donkey and raising awareness about its importance and the need to protect it. Some of these are:

  • Colloquium on the donkey and the role represented by it over time
  • Use of attachments and utensils, and their corresponding demonstration.

With Silver and Steel you can approach these animals for a day, in a fun and learning experience.

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