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Carretera de Aranda s/n 09453 Tubilla Del Lago (Burgos)
 Lamborghini Gallardo adapted to circuit Drive a Ferrari F430 Scuderia  Enjoy the circuit experience  Get behind the wheel of a Ferrari Dino  porsche 911 GT3  Drive a Lamborghini in Korr

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Description of DifferentCars Burgos

Do you want to enjoy a unique, unforgettable and exciting experience in Burgos? DifferentCars puts at your disposal the possibility of driving authentic jewels of automotive engineering in the Korr Circuit . Do not miss the opportunity to discover the magnificent sensations that produce reaching 100 kilometers per hour in a matter of seconds, wasting adrenaline and releasing the tensions accumulated in the day to day.

An emblematic car is waiting for you like the Dino Ferrari that competes closely with the F430 Scuderia . Our fleet expands with a Lamborghini Gallardo adapted to the driving circuit and a Porsche 911 GT3 that does not lack even a detail. You can also choose a magnificent Hammer or Porsche Carrera. Before getting behind the wheel of any of them, you will receive a brief explanatory briefing on the mechanics, operation of the controls and maneuvers that you must carry out.

In addition, if you wish, you can tour the city on an itinerary that we have prepared, consisting of 30 kilometers .

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