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Description of GT Pasion Málaga

Have you ever imagined what you would feel being behind the wheel of one of the best cars in the world? There are many motor lovers who dream of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini at some time in their life, but who do not have the possibility to do so. GT Passion wants all these people to fulfill their dream, driving cars of authentic luxury in a city that is not far behind.

Go ahead and ride one of our cars and go through the beautiful city of Malaga . If you have already practiced this experience and the circuit has been too small for you, do not hesitate to practice the same activity around the city, traveling kilometers and enjoying your speed like never before. The impressive body of these vehicles will not go unnoticed, the roar of its engine will be heard several kilometers and the comfort you will feel inside will make you feel like a cloud. You can choose to travel 7, 11 or 20 kilometers and choose between a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

The vehicle par excellence is the Ferrari F430 F1 , its spectacular red color reflects the sun's rays and makes it appear as the real jewel it is. With a V8 engine and 490cv of power they will make you feel a powerful driver, capable of making the road yours and will allow you to splurge adrenaline without stopping. You will enjoy a start from 0 to 100km / h in 4 seconds . Feel free to ride with Il Cavallino Rampante along the Malaga roads.

If you are looking for an authentic machine made up of and to create a show while driving, the Lamborghini Gallardo never fails. Its benefits leave no doubt, with a V10 engine and 525CV of power, it will seem to be flying when you reach 100km / h in just 4 and a half seconds. Its spectacular bright yellow color will make anyone overlook the car you are driving and you can enjoy an exclusive driving like never before. In addition, you can innovate with the sequential driving built into the steering wheel.

Choose the car you choose, you will have a Previous explanatory briefing , where you will learn what techniques to use and what safety measures you should follow. Once the knowledge is acquired, you will embark on the adventure, accompanied by a monitor that will occupy the position of co-pilot, he will ensure the correct development of the practice so that everything goes out to ask for word of mouth.

In the price you have included both a personalized oto to hang on Facebook and an unlimited number of companions. Do not hesitate to come with your family and friends, you will enjoy the practice and they will have a great time seeing you. In addition, we offer you the option of making the purchase with a bonus , so you can choose the dateExact with a year of margin. Remember that you should check the availability in our calendar, without forgetting that the events take place both on weekends and holidays.

To be able to enjoy this great experience it is necessary to be of legal age and be in possession of the driving license , as well as not measuring more than 2.10 cm.

Have fun like never before with driving GT Passion .

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virginia hijano diaz
4 Medium
Reviewed the 10/03/17
about the activity of: Ferrari F430 Ride in Campillos Circuit

Review translated from Spanish

If you give only one lap you do not make the full tour, we had to hire another turn and the car inside was very poorly cared for, rather shattered.
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