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Ctra: A-384, Km 101 29320 Campillos (Málaga)
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Description of Lets Driving Málaga

Lets Driving arrives in Málaga with great desire to help you fulfill one of your greatest desires: drive a high-end car.

We have several luxury vehicles with which you can reach maximum speed and power, you just have to decide which car you want to try and we will do the rest. You can choose between:

  • Ferrari F430 F1 490cv
  • Lamborghini Gallardo 510
  • Porsche

We are waiting for you at the Campillos circuit , in Malaga, where you will find an itinerary technically designed to enjoy driving as much as possible: sharp turns, long straight lines to catch speed, etc.

Upon arrival a monitor will show you the itinerary and each of the cars. To ensure the proper functioning of the activity, it will give you a brief theoretical explanation about the vehicle mechanism and will comment on the safety rules you must follow. Then you will drive along the circuit while the technician recommends how to face the obstacles that you encounter.

If you want, you can join up to 5 friends in exchange for a special price, but they should wait for the refreshment area while you drive.

The offer includes 1 or 2 laps around the circuit , mandatory insurance and a photo with the car as a gift . The only requirements you must meet are be at least 18 years old and have a driving license .

There is the possibility of making routes abroad, ask the conditions in the reservation.

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