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Puerto Deportivo Santurtzi, s/n 48980 Santurtzi (Vizcaya)
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Description of Txalupa Turismoa Fishing

For all those who love fishing and the sea, Txalupa Turismo has the best options to carry out this practice in a more than the adequate environment, Santurtzi, located in its Marina.
  • Santurtzi Fishing takes you into the world of fishing. We have Initiation Fishing, where you can learn from our skippers the best techniques, for more than 3 hours with drinks included.
  • With the troll of coast or fishing to the hunt you will be able to fish sea bass, sawfish ... all with artificial baits that will facilitate the capture of predatory fish.
  • If you prefer, you can enjoy more than 5 hours of troll height, sailing between 6 and 7 knots and fishing specimens such as beautiful, bigeye, some pelagic species ...
  • Deep sea fishing is carried out in the Bay of Biscay, using electric fishing reels, fishing for hake, sea bream, and lilies, among others, at a depth of 200 and 350 meters.
  • The bottom fishing, similar to the deep bottom, is ideal for those who want to sail closer to the coast and practice fishing at a lower depth.
  • We also offer other types of fishing such as popping or jigging and diving trips through Vizcaya.
If you want to enjoy your favorite hobby at all levels and with the best professionals and amateurs, Txalupa Turismo is the perfect center.

Fishing Santurtzi

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