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Camino de San Lorenzo, 2, El Pagador 35460 Moya (Gran Canaria)
 San Cristobal Marinero District Alfredo Kraus Auditorium  Road in nature reserve in Moya  Moya Church in Gran Canaria  Moya in Gran Canaria  Tomas Morales Museum in Moya

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Description of FactorySurf Canarias Guided Tours

FactorySurf Canarias invites you to visit one of the best natural paradises of our country, going from the most emblematic and recognized places, to the inhospitable corners that treasure more beauty and only a few privileged have been able to know . Whether it is the first time you arrive on our island or if you are a regular visitor, we guarantee that from our hand you will live a new experience .

Gran Canaria, formed as one of the capitals of the Canarian archipelago, keeps inside all the natural wealth you can imagine. From kilometer beaches with crystal clear water, to unique rock formations, through lush green forests and historic hulls that keep thousands of stories; Each and every one of its corners has incentives to be visited.

Discover the Canarian culture more ingrained, our customs and folklore, leave aside the tourist plane and enter society as one more canary. Feel our land and savor the gastronomy, letting yourself be carried away by the smell of the sea breeze and touring the entire coast. Learn about the evolution of the city and learn more about the history of our country, come to paradise.

Get to know Gran Canaria with guided tours of FactorySurf Canarias !

Guided Tours Moya

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