Guided Tours in Baños De La Encina

Guided Tours in Baños De La Encina

Directory of guided tours in Baños De La Encina. Check prices and get the best deals on cultural tours in Baños De La Encina. You can visit in Baños De La Encina with the different tourist guides in Baños De La Encina discovering the city neighborhoods and monuments in an original and different way. Try the night city toours or the private tours.

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Turismo Baños de la Encina
Company Baños De La Encina (Jaén)

Tourism Baños de la Encina invites you to discover our town by the best experts. Our titled guides are knowledgeable about the area and have become the guardians of an infinity of secrets that house its streets and squares, as well as the best stories and curious anecdotes transmitted from parents to children. Our location allows us to enjoy a rich culture and a very elaborate history , as well as a typical cuisine that delights everyone who visits us. We want to show you all the beauty that treasures our land, in addition to its role in the future of our country over time. Land of artists, inside you will find a cultural shock that has left exceptional traces that have come to this day. Thanks to the guided tour that we will carry out, you will discover both the origin and the evolution of Baños de la Encina, one of the most beautiful villages of Jaén . We will start the excursion starting from the Hermitage of Jesús del Llano, a leading baroque construction, belonging to the 18th century, in addition to its dressing room. It will be the prelude to the walk through the Historic District , which houses a multitude of houses and stately buildings typical of other times, such as the Town Hall or the Palace of Priors, in addition to the Palace of the Molina de la Cerda and the House of the Herrera Cárdenas. Before reaching the town's fortresses, we will walk through Santa María Street and we will arrive at Bury al Hamma Castle . This enclave well deserves the hallmark of one of the best preserved fortresses of our continent, being the last place of the expedition, prior to the Territory Museum. We will go up to the Torreón del Recuerdo and enjoy the interpretation center of our history both socially and economically since the 12th century, with special attention in the Bronca Age and the Archaeological Era. The culmination of the visit will come with a great tasting of one of the most representative dishes of our culture, the Bañusco Spoon , which you will learn to cook. Discover Jaén with Tourism Baños de la Encina! (City Tours Baños De La Encina)

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