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Calle Santa Bárbara, 8 31471 Monreal (Navarra)
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Description of Ametsa Hang Gliding

If you would like to fly and ride the winds of Navarra you can do it thanks to Ametsa. This hang gliding school is located in the village of Monreal, less than a 20-minute drive away from the city of Pamplona.

The program of Ametsa is based on comprehensive courses that take the students from beginner level to be able to fly a hang glider on their own in the future. The content of the classes is the following:

- Phase 1: The first phase is theoretical. We explain the basic concepts that anyone should know who would like to do hang gliding, from safety regulations to how to assemble and dismantle the hang glider or how to take off and land. We practice on the ground with a hang glider.

- Phase 2: The second phase has more practical content. Its aim is to strengthen what we learned in the previous lesson. We do exercises are made on a sloping terrain which allows us to practice take-off and landing after brief but increasingly longer glides.

- Phase 3: In the third phase we practice using a flight simulator. This part is key to be able to gain confidence and thus handle the hang glider with ease.

- Phase 4: Again, and along the same line, this phase consolidates the knowledge acquired in the previous phases in addition to adding some new information. The emphasis is on 90-degree turns until the student is able to do figure eights in the air.

- Phase 5: In this phase, you can finally fly in the heights, being at all times in communication with the instructor.

Logically, in order to be able to move from one phase to another, the teacher's approval is needed, after checking that the student has the necessary knowledge and skills. With Ametsa flying is within your reach!

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