Club Vol Lliure Mallorca

Calle de Bellavista 07520 Petra (Mallorca)

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Activity is not currently available

Description of Club Vol Lliure Mallorca

Club Vol Lliure Mallorca develops its activity on the island of Mallorca, located within the peninsula of the Balearic Islands. This small island is where we develop our flight as aladeltistas.

Sometimes we organize raids to the neighboring island of Menorca to fly from "Monte Toro" taking advantage that it is almost always windy. We even improvised a ramp on Mount "Inclusa" to fly, one day that the address was not the most appropriate.

In Club Vol Lliure Mallorca we consider it essential that anyone who wants to start in the world of paragliding first knows all the theory necessary to become a good aladeltista. We teach theoretical and documentation classes in meteorology and flight technology.

We have the best team, both technically and humanly. All care to detail to have security under control and know that we are offering our customers a quality service. To this effort has a very clear motivation: that everyone who comes to visit Club Vol Lliure Mallorca just has to worry about enjoying the incredible views that a delta wing flight provides and nothing more.

Contact us and we will inform you of everything you need to start in the world of hang gliding, you will discover how wonderful it is to see the world in bird's eye view.