Valencia de Alcántara 10500 Valencia De Alcantara (Cáceres)
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Description of Sobrevoar

The Alta Delta is one of the air disciplines that best allow you to enjoy the freedom to fly, plan and take advantage of wind gusts to reach high speeds or rise to high altitude is a highly recommended experience for sports fans of risk.

The beauty and emotion of the hang glider is available to everyone, in a simple and safe way with Overflight.

We depart from the Castelo Branco airfield , in Portugal, a few kilometers from the border.

Baptisms, a first contact that lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Delta Wing courses, we have a program divided into 5 courses that in a dynamic and progressive way teaches you to fly like a professional.

When carrying out this type of activity, you must demand from the company the licenses, the civil liability insurance and the pilot's qualification.

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