JerteXtrem High Ropes

Valle del Jerte 10616 Casas Del Castañar (Cáceres)
 zip line backlight  maximum balance  monkey bridge  small adventurer  crawling under the trunks  Safety net  Tibetan bridge backlit

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Descripción de JerteXtrem High Ropes

The JerteXtrem Tirolin zip line is within its multi-adventure circuit, which also includes other obstacles such as Tibetan bridges, mono bridges, ring walkways, etc. This makes the zip line a very fun and complete experience, ideal for spending an afternoon climbing, hanging, swinging and, in general, having fun while doing the circuit. It is, therefore, a perfect and highly demanded activity for groups with children: birthday celebrations, communion celebrations, end-of-school trips, etc.

Additionally, the zip line has the advantage that can be moved anywhere . This means that it can be mounted anywhere at the request of the clients as long as the place meets the necessary requirements. Of course, at all times there is supervision by the JerteXtrem monitors, who monitor the security of the activity at all times. Have fun in a different way while doing sports with JerteXtrem Tirolina.

High Ropes Casas Del Castañar

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