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Description of GuíasK2 Hiking

Walking the Pyrenees practicing hiking is a privilege that you will have at your fingertips thanks to GuiasK2 . A company that knows this mountain range perfectly and wants to enjoy nature with you.

They will accompany you during the trekking through the Sierra de Aralar, through the Urbasa natural park and through the Andia mountain range. Or if you prefer, you can go through the Irati jungle, a perfect multi-stage path if you want to extend the excursion for several days. Another option they have in the western Pyrenees is the circular crossings.

Hiking in a sport for which you need to go well equipped. We recommend that you get some good hiking boots, a thermal shirt, some pants with which you feel comfortable and others warm, some coat and a raincoat, a hat, gloves and a backpack with enough storage space but not I weigh a lot. The canes are optional but they certainly help a lot. Some spare clothes may come in handy if there is any mishap.

The routes are fully customizable so until we know the exact days of the crossing we will not know the amount of food and water we will need. A sleeping bag is essential for several days of hiking.

From April to November tour the Pyrenees with GuiasK2!

Hiking Pamplona

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