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Calle Eras, 1 40393 Peñasrrubias De Piron (Segovia)
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Description of Más que Monte Hiking

More than Monte invites you to discover what is hidden in the Valleys of the Pirón River and the Old River through its hiking trails. From our routes you will know first hand the fauna and flora of each sector, as well as the historical and cultural wealth that these Segovian places keep.

On all our routes you will be accompanied by a guide titled that will illustrate both the environment and sports practice. In addition, it will ensure your safety at all times. You will know from the most emblematic areas to the hidden places where you will feel a real privilege. We have divided into three the itineraries we carry out, taking into account the difficulty and duration of each one. Three levels are also established so the last route is formed by a compilation of the places visited in the previous two, so that it is the most complete of all to practice Hiking .

For those looking for a level of initiation, they have at their definition the Route of the Fountain of the Covatillas , a beautiful and short-lived place that delights everyone who visits it. Those looking for a more comprehensive practice have at their disposal the Santiaguito Route and Vaquera Cave . Finally, we expect the Torca and Corral de Máximo , where the pace of the march will increase as well as the difficulty of it.

You should not worry if you do not have previous experience or a certain physical form, since the routes can be adapted to your needs. If you wish, we will plan alternative departures to the areas you want to visit or around a place. The natural set of the Valley proposes an infinite number of forest and hidden roads through which you can discover unique, curious and of great ecological value formations.

On the other hand, we can reach Pedraza, place that keeps routes suitable for all audiences and that are not known to most people who visit it. We can leave from Pedrazo or Orjanilla , two itineraries equally beautiful and different, as they represent very different environments where we will study the biological values ​​of the region.

Discover the potential of our land through the hiking activities of More than Monte .

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