Hiking in Lacunza/lakuntza

Hiking in Lacunza/lakuntza

Hiking in Lacunza/lakuntza, Trekking in Lacunza/lakuntza: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers of walking hiking guides in Lacunza/lakuntza and trekking routes in Lacunza/lakuntza. Hiking routes in Lacunza/lakuntza and trekking experiencies in Lacunza/lakuntza are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.

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Mirua Actividades de Naturaleza
Company Lacunza/lakuntza (Navarra)

Mirua Nature Activities Hiking wants you to discover. May you discover nature, forests, the species that surround us. And, as we know that there is no better way than to do it with someone and that it is doubly good if we can also lend you a hand explaining what we see, well here we go! We will enter in some of the most beautiful and beautiful areas of Navarra and surroundings. We cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Selva de Irati, in Roncesvalles, one of our favorite environments and not only because the famous Camino de Santiago begins here, but because it will witness a large number of our activities, such as canyoning and even ornithology. Irati, Las Foces or the Sierra de Aralar , are simply examples of the paradises that your steps can receive if you dare to take the witness of merging with nature. Every day a tour, every day an adventure, a challenge that you will leave full of knowledge and satisfied with the exercise we have done together. (Trekking Guides Lacunza/lakuntza)

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    • Ezcurra/ezkurra
    • Sarriguren
    • Donamaria
    • Iroz/irotz
    • Orbaiceta/orbaitzeta
    • Cabanillas
    • Yanci/igantzi
    • Marcilla
    • Estella/lizarra
    • Beinza Labayen/beintza Labaien
    • Santesteban/doneztebe