Escuela Hípica Riopudio

Vereda de Espartinas s/n 41807 Espartinas (Sevilla)
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Description of Escuela Hípica Riopudio

The Riopudio Equestrian School is strongly committed to the practice and teaching of equestrian sport from respect and love for horses. Since 2000 it has been a reference in training, dressage and other sports practices.

A wide variety of alternatives are available to customers within the world of horses, depending on the aspirations and capabilities of riders. The school has a pupil service for both horses and ponies, as well as training.

One of the bases of the school is the training of German origin of Reiner Klimke, in which prima the good treatment to the horse and the most natural learning possible. In this way a good relationship is built between the horse and the rider from which to practice the practice of riding.

Based on this principle, dressage and jumping classes are based, adaptable according to the level of the students with fully customized specialized training. In addition, the little ones can enjoy classes with ponies, starting from a very young age to become familiar with the equestrian world. In the competitive section, the disciplines of dressage, obstacle jumping, base riding and galloping are handled.

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