Caballerizas Ariñez

Carretera Aríñez, S/N 01195 Vitoria gasteiz (Álava)
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Description of Caballerizas Ariñez

Las Caballerizas Ariñez is based in Álava, more specifically in Vitoria-gasteiz. These stables have sports facilities specially dedicated to horse riding and horse riding.

Its catalog presents rides and marches on horseback of two or three hours through the countryside, as well as beginners' classes on the track, to horse riding courses. The possibilities around the horse are huge and varied.

The privileged environment in which the stables are located favors learning and initiation in the equestrian world. Their instructors with extensive experience as teachers will know how to instill in them the values responsible for the love of the horse, care for nature and the environment.

All horses are pampered and cared for, which makes them quiet and very confident animals. If you have never ridden a horse, we recommend a small initiation class for you to do to them and lose the fear of getting on. Always with maximum safety and taking care of the horses in detail!

Enjoy in Álava the horseback riding and other services offered by Caballería Ariñez!

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