Castellar Horse Riding

Calle Principe Juan Carlos, nº 30 11350 Castellar De La Frontera (Cádiz)
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Horse riding in Castellar (Cádiz) - 2h 30m
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Horse ride in Castellar for 1h 30'

Descripción de Castellar Horse Riding

Let yourself be surprised by one of the most fun and most connected activities with nature. With Castellar Horse Riding you can enjoy an activity adapted to all audiences, since we have different routes that we will adapt to your level.

With our excursions on horseback you can discover the nature that surrounds Cádiz. We perform one of the most attractive activities you can find. The routes will be made in the environment closest to our Finca La Almoraima, where flora and fauna live that make the environment even more spectacular.

We will also visit part of the cork oak forest where deer, roe deer or mouflon inhabit. Without a doubt it will be the most fascinating experience that you live, since it will allow you to enter the natural environment and say goodbye to the stress of the big cities.

Before starting the excursion, one of the riders who are part of our team will explain the basic notions for the practice of sport: on which side to get on the horse, how to make it stop, how to move the reins to turn, what are the gestures that determine your behavior (for example, if you throw your ears back you are scared), etc.

After taking a short walk through our facilities that will serve to adapt to the horse and that he adapts to you, we will start walking. The routes usually last one to two hours, but tell us what you are interested in and we will adapt the duration to what you are looking for.

Contact us! We will solve all your doubts and inform you without obligation.

Horse Riding Castellar De La Frontera

Opiniones de Castellar Horse Riding

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maria oliva
10 Muy buena
Opinión realizada el 02/06/17
Sobre la actividad de: Horse riding in Castellar (Cádiz) - 2h 30m

Opinión traducida del Español

I played a very beautiful mare, Africa, very meek and easy to learn to carry. The road is beautiful. David a wonderful guide with whom it was very easy to specify the day of the tour. I will certainly repeat.
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Ana E
8 Buena
Opinión realizada el 22/09/13

Opinión traducida del Español

Very good experience on horseback. I recommend it.

They are attentive. They went to the hotel to get us. Thank you
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Yolanda Martín Rodríguez
10 Muy buena
Opinión realizada el 19/01/16
Sobre la actividad de: Horse riding in Castellar (Cádiz) - 2h 30m

Opinión traducida del Español

Excellent treatment, very punctual and David very attentive. The route of Castellar is beautiful among orange, deer, gamos ... recommended 100%. We flew past 2 and a half hours. Repeat!
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Miguel Galvez Perez
10 Muy buena
Opinión realizada el 12/10/19
Sobre la actividad de: Horse riding in Castellar (Cádiz) - 2h 30m

Opinión traducida del Español

It was a wonderful experience. In wild nature. We saw gamos run free. The great deal. We will repeat without a doubt.

Respuesta de la empresa:
Thank you very much for sharing your experience! See you soon. Regards.

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