Hípica Monterrey Horse Riding

Lugar de As Poulas 32600 Queizas (Orense)
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Description of Hípica Monterrey Horse Riding

Experience the pleasure of riding through the Region of Verín on the back of the horses that in Hípica Monterrey we have waiting for you. Our equestrian center is located in the province of Orense, right in Queizas, where you will have the opportunity to stroll among the characteristic Galician neighborhoods that make up this space, such as those in O Toxal and Iglesias.

The outings we organize are aimed at adults and it is preferable that you have experience. However, it is not essential to go with clear knowledge of equestrian because if you need it we will spend some time to familiarize you with the animal before departure. For all those who are already prepared, we have:

- 1 hour Verín horse riding excursions : exclusive routes for which we do not exceed the maximum of 4 participants per session. We will start marking the passage from our farm in Place of As Poulas and, when the road allows it, we will gallop reaching greater speed. It is for this reason that we ask you for some previous experience.

- Horse riding through the bank of the Támega : extending the duration of the activity to an average of 2 hours, we will have time to take the animals for a walk along the shore from this nearby river. You will see leafy groves that extend their branches to the water.

- Equestrian trips to the Monterrey Castle : to reach this monumental complex we will have to spend about 4 hours. It will be worth seeing, from our horses, this fortress of the fourteenth century that will leave us only about thirty kilometers from Portugal.

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