Hunting in Spain

Hunting in Spain

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Tips if you are going to do Hunting in Spain

Hunting is a sport that makes the human an active participate of nature and is a way to obtain food through a healthy and natural way. The animals that were raised in liberty, because they weren’t fed or taken care by the humans, have some certain characteristics in comparison with those found in the farms.

Hunting requires the ability of controlling a gun and trained dogs for that purpose, there are even associated restaurant with hunters so they can offer the best meats to their clients.
1. A day in the woodlands

A lot of times, you’ll need to walk for miles through fields or forests, and that’s another way to make exercise. Easily, in just one day, you can walk more than 10 kilometers. That’s why, it is required that the hunter enjoy good physique, and capable of surpassing obstacles and long distances. Adding to that, they will need to hold comfortably the weight of the gun, backpack or take the dogs, something that ask for a good physical and concentration conditions.
A day in the woodlands
Species control
2. Species control

To hunt is a greatly regulated activity that needs a type of licences for it, both for the animals and guns. Also, for the animals, like the deer or roe, a series of labels, depending on the zone, to control the species population. In an activity that depends a lot on the population of the animals, all those measures are to secure the maintenance of the animal’s habitat.
3. Time for yourself

Hunting is a sport that requires a lot of hours in solitary and to stay in complete silence to not scare the preys. With this activity, you will reduce stress and you will dedicate an important time to yourself. That way, you will be capable of overtake the rhythm of the life in the city and stop to look at your surroundings.
Time for yourself
Connection with the tradition
4. Connection with the tradition

In each area, each hunter’s union, each community or even each village have certain norms to respect this sport. This is nothing more than to preserve and continue the oldest tradition practiced among nature. These rituals are worthy to conserve and are part of the Spanish hunts, and is something to keep taken care and above all, respect. We can’t forget, when hunting, that you can hunt every animal the same way. In Spain, the most common thing, is to hunt rabbits, partridges, hares, chamois, deers and boars.
5. Sharing with other hunters

Like a football team has their clubs, with hunting happens something similar. Even though you pass a lot of hours on your own, is very common to reunite and start the activity or lunch. Normally, they reunite in big groups or associations to share trips and resources. This also can be a family reunion since some parents decide to introduce their kids to this activity when they reach a certain age, of course, if they want to.
Sharing with other hunters
When to practice hunting

We need to remember that this is a seasonal sport and as such, it depends on the hunting ground cycles and reproductive population. Therefore, is necessary to get informed about which animal is hunted in which season of the year and place, to not book an offer of this activity by mistake.