Cinegética Las Encebras Hunting

Ctra Iznalloz-Guadahortuna kilometro 11 18560 Guadahortuna (Granada)
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Description of Cinegética Las Encebras Hunting

In Cinegética Las Encebras you can find the ideal place to practice hunting and enjoy a day in the countryside. We provide you with our own enclosure as well as our farm to hunt pheasants or quail and taste them later.

We organize your hunt in the region of the Eastern Montes between Iznalloz and Guadahortuna, to the north of Granada, ideal place for lovers of this sport to enjoy.

We make a loose pheasant and quail for your hunting day within the limits of our farm to facilitate the reach of the dams.

If you are looking for a more adventurous and natural experience you can go hunting outside the farmhouse. You can ask us about other types of hunting you want to do.

For the ammunition d we have a armory in Granada capital where you can get all kinds of hunting equipment, especially if it comes from outside and thus not have to come with it on the trip.

You must prove that you have your weapons license in order to be able to hunt. We take security very seriously and an aware hunter is a guarantee for everyone.

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Peich Casanova Torres
0 Very poor
Reviewed the 07/05/10

Review translated from Spanish

Well, yes, I'm going to be the first to think about the encebras, so that everyone who reads this does not continue giving a money that is not worth it. A few weeks ago we were hunting (if you can call it hunting) quail in the Encebras, and? Every negative. It all started when we were not respected by the small reserve they have to hunt. Call several weeks in advance to secure the reservation, and they confirmed it to me. Well, when we arrived, the land was already occupied, only by two shotguns. We were 7 shotguns, and we were taken to another terrain, a grass of muddy and muddy grass, dwarf for 7 shotguns, and on a steep slope. If the quails are already flying low, imagine them as vulan dripping. That was inhuman, you were stuck to the bottom of the mud, but, yes, that's where the "professionals" who manage the preserve did not take. So that in the part of the bigger reserve they were hunting two, and in the other small piece they put us to 7. It seemed fatal to me that they did not respect us the stump, and that they put us to hunt in that shit. By the way, there was another detail of excellent professionalism. The other group of two left without paying the quail, and the professional or call me to recriminate me that we had left without paying, mistaking group.

I do not repeat or free. />
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