Coto de Caza Conesa

Carretera Comarcal C-241 43427 Conesa (Tarragona)
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Description of Coto de Caza Conesa

The Coto de Caza Conesa is the perfect place if you want to develop the practice of hunting. We are located in Conesa, Tarragona, where you can enjoy some exploited farms adapted to your tastes and needs.

We have more than 30 years of experience in this sector, managing and directing all types of hunting grounds with specific regulations. We specialize in the red partridge, so we improve the breeding grounds of this type of animal every year. For this reason we are pioneers in the implementation of this hunting system, so you have gone to the right place.

In our preserve you can enjoy a relief that is usually undulating and that is surrounded by gentle hills, both in the central part and in the east, as well as elevations to the west with, for example, the Pla de MarĂ­a of 894 meters.

The area is dedicated to agriculture with cereal crops as well as small fields where there are almond trees, so you can see species such as partridges, quails, doves and doves. But you can also find wooded areas where pines and oaks are the most abundant.

In the areas where there is more trees, you can enjoy hunting with direct maples of the maples or wild boar. You can even decide to look for mushrooms, since they are the ideal place for their birth.

Practice what you like most choose between big and small game. There are species for you to choose from: badger, foxes, rabbits, partridges, quails ... There is a very abundant fauna and the vegetation is ideal for decorating the landscapes. Don't think about it anymore and come meet us.

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