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Avenida Buenos Aires, 110 32004 Ourense (Orense)
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Description of Tecsagés Hunting

If you are thinking of hunting in Galicia you have only to look for. In Tecsagés Caza you will find a leading company in the hunting sector throughout the community with the widest range of species and hunting modalities.

We have a long history so you can find a group of professionals that will show you the most hidden secrets of this ancient practice. We can offer you big game mode:

  • Recipes of roe deer in Ourense and Lugo along 50,000 hectares where you will find low mountains, half mountains, valleys and grasslands.
  • Deer and fallow deer along 1,000 to 1,500 hectares where you will find grassland, pasture and lowland.
  • Monitors of roe deer and wild boar in Ourense and Lugo between 300 and 500 hectares per spot, for one day including bidders and taco campero.
  • Montería de Boar through the mountains of Leboreiron during one or two days of hunting, travel to the farm from the place of accommodation and a series of services during the montería.

The small game mode offers you:

  • Rabbit preserve between Crecente and Pontevedra about 400 hectares with a height between 300 and 700 meters.

The services we offer you are faultless, so you will not find a better company than ours.

Contact Tecsagés Caza and ask us for the information you need.

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