Hunting in Alagon

Hunting in Alagon

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Coto de Pola
Company Alagon (Zaragoza)

Coto de Pola is a hunting ground located just 20 kilometers from Zaragoza, in the beautiful town of Alagón. We are surrounded by an environment in which the fauna and flora is spectacular and we want you to enjoy it too. Breathe the aromas of nature where rosemary and thyme wrap everything with its smell and see our areas of pine trees, a real scenario that your eyes will appreciate. Our preserve has 2060 hectares and an altitude that is between 280 and 697 meters. The orography is so varied that you can find everything from cereal crops to headers and ravines. We suggest you come to spend a day of authentic enjoyment while immersing yourself in the middle of nature. Among the hunting varieties that you can find the species that abound fundamentally are the partridge and the wild boar. You can also find rabbits that are recovering and in the raisin season you can discover the hare and the scholarship. Throughout the preserve we have all those materials that are needed for the hunting to be effective. Apart from the corresponding tablets to indicate the registration of the preserve and other characteristics, you can find masts, feeders and drinkers, control of predators plus cages for corvids, rabbits and small predators, which we put at your disposal. Get in touch with Coto de Pola and come to know Zaragoza in a different way, enjoying what you like most. (Hunting Alagon)

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