Hydrospeed in Barcelona

Hydrospeed in Barcelona

Hydrospeed in Barcelona. Check prices, quotes and get the best deals of hydrospeed in Barcelona companies. Hydrospeed in Barcelona is a perfect activity to practice on birthdays, corporate events and incentives, teambuilding and stag and hen parties.
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Viaje Buceo
Company Barcelona (City) (Barcelona)

Enjoy incredible sensations in Hidrospeed Diving Trip . We are a company located in Barcelona, ​​so access to nautical activities is within our reach in the blink of an eye. We are specialized in those sports in which you as the protagonist will be in contact with the water. For example, you can practice hidrospeed, which is one of the activities that in recent decades is acquiring more followers. Curiously in a short period of time it has undergone a great evolution, which allows you to see how interesting and fun your practice is. You have to be mounted on an aerodynamic plate individually, since its design does not allow more than one person to go. Which does not mean that you cannot come with your friends: you will leave at the same time from the starting point and see who arrives before the goal. We put the material:      Hidro (aerodynamic plate)      Equipment: wetsuit, protective elements such as shin guards, elbow pads, vest, helmet ...      Specific fins      RC and Accident Insurance.      Monitor titled Get in touch with us and do not miss this fun opportunity. You will learn a new sport and who knows if it will end up becoming a hobby for you. In Hidrospeed Diving Trip we are waiting for you. (Hydrospeed Barcelona)

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Company in Barcelona (City) (Barcelona)
Kate · Hi, I'm interested in booking hydrospeed for a group of 15 adults. How far is it from Barcelona? Do you offer pick up from hotel? What is the duration and cost?