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Puerto de muelle deportivo, Tazacorte 38779 Tazacorte (La Palma)
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Description of La Palma Explorer Kayaking

Get to know each of the most fantastic corners of La Palma de Gran Canaria thanks to La Palma Explorer and our fantastic kayaks, with which you can explore each of the hidden places and Enjoy the most beautiful nature you can contemplate. It will be a fantastic opportunity for all lovers of the environment!

With us you can have the opportunity to embark on a unique adventure in one of our two-seater kayaks, with whomever you want, your partner, a friend or your favorite family member to enter the sea and know the beauty of the landscapes of La Palma, from the coasts to the most beautiful caves.

We will arrange everything for you, from the indispensable kayaks and paddles, to the security team and if you want we will hire you a photo report of your tour so you do not forget about This fantastic experience and you don't have to be carrying the cameras.

You can also choose from several possibilities of kayaking routes:

  • Kayak with guide: which will make you the best paths to enjoy everything around you and add knowledge to your experience
  • Kayak with zodiac: in case you need some security on your tour.
  • Kayak rental: so you can go at your own pace without the need for anyone to tell you where to go or add additional information.

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