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Barrio Corconte 8 39294 Corconte (Cantabria)
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Description of Ebrokite Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a water sport that combines the technique and the knowledge in the water with the control of the kite and the wind . An emblematic discipline that goes back to past centuries when canals or rivers were already crossed by kites.

In Ebrokite we are specialists and professionals in this sport and we have the best professionals to help you become an expert. Also we have the best material and top quality so you do not miss anything, and above all, a climate and an ideal natural environment to live this experience.

Within our options for Kitesurf, you will find the following variants:

  • Initiation courses : Two days in which you work safety and flight, handling and assembly of materials, kite control, departures and heading, etc.
  • Advanced courses: For experienced, advanced table level, adaptable to the student and their level of progression.
  • Courses with support boat : From the basic level, greater progression and continuity maintaining safety.
  • Courses for minors : From 7 to 12 years old and from 13 to 18. Basic fundamentals and contact with water, small groups, meteorological knowledge.
  • Private courses : 100% customized according to your needs, radio communication, possibility with boat.

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