Kitesurfing in Mar De Cristal

Kitesurfing in Mar De Cristal

Kitesurfing in Mar De Cristal: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various kitesurfing schools in Mar De Cristal. Find kite lessons in Mar De Cristal to learn or improve your technique with the kite.

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Parres WaterSports
Company Mar De Cristal (Murcia)

Kitesurfing always attracts the attention of those on the beach. In Parres WaterSports we see how you admire the spectacular nature of those who get carried away by a kite with the only help of the breeze over the sea. We will help you join this sport as soon as possible, as a school with the corresponding approval for it. We are very serious in terms of quality and permits, but also the closest when it comes to becoming a new adept through: - A 60-minute test : you will finally know what it feels like to drive one of these kites. Of course, we must go firmly in this sport, so this introduction will be done entirely in the arena. From there, you will only think about moving forward. - Class any day of 3 hours : in which the level is the least because we will start from where you are. The first time will have time to put the feet in the water although we will stay in the body drag, the kite drags us but the board is still to the side. - One hour of class in private : you have us for you to focus on that aspect that you need to improve, or continue learning if that is what you want. (Kitesurfing Lessons Mar De Cristal)

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