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Description of Doñanatour

With Doñanatour you have the option to spend the summer in a multi-adventure camp around the Doñana National Park .

We have planned summer camps for children with a minimum of 8 years and adolescents up to 17. Our objectives are:

- Integrate young people into nature through courses in which knowledge is given about the species that live in the park. Here they will assist in the development of animals protected in freedom.

- Start riding them as a sport that combines physical activity and respect for animals.

- Bring them closer to culture with visits to places of historical interest.

- Cover your leisure time with games that give way to your artistic expression.

- Contribute to the creation of friendly ties with excursions to the beach where they can be themselves.

The stay in the Doñana Natural Park allows us to raise awareness among students about the importance of caring for the environment in an environment of coexistence among children of the same age. In this sense we also provide environmental education programs for students and teachers of up to one week.

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