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Lobo Alfa 39570 Potes (Cantabria)
Tensioning French Zipline  In the yard before leaving  Rappel preparations

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Description of Lobo Alfa Multi Adventure Camps

There is no better place to spend a summer in a multi-adventure camp than in the green forests and meadows of Cantabria , near the Picos de Europa . The youngest have a fantastic opportunity to live the most lively nature and practice a whole range of activities.

Children can enjoy the camp with activities such as:

  • Hiking, with small routes through the Liébana forest.
  • Climbing, we have a climbing wall to take their first vertical steps through the walls.
  • Rappel, the opposite route to climbing, descending with the best support.
  • Zip line, a thrilling journey through a rope saving distance at high speed.
  • Canoes, quiet boat rides.
  • Canyoning, we do a little baptism through some canyons of the Hermida.

As a complement to these activities we have cultural and ethnographic plans for them visiting the new cave of Altamira, El Soplao, the Picos de Europa National Park, etc.

We include the support and care of guides and accommodation in the center.

Multi Adventure Camps Potes

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