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Calle de la Iglesia, 9 09199 Olmos De Atapuerca (Burgos)
 Corzos in the Compass Sierra  Identification of flora  Sierra de Atapuerca  Waterfall in the mountains

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Description of Rústica Multi Adventure Camps

For the most adventurous kids in Rústica we have a multi-adventure camp that will meet all your expectations.
If you are looking for the right place for your children to live an experience full of nature and coexistence with other children, an experience where they learn positive values ​​ for their development and acquire knowledge about our planet, about flora and about wildlife, our multi-adventure camps are the ideal option.

During the month of July you can bring us your children and they will live a week full of experiences, in a unique environment and learning infinite data of interest about nature.

Our program includes accommodation at the hostel in the area.

It includes activities such as sports so that they remain active and fit, games so that they interact with their peers and practice teamwork, etc.

Among the main activities of the camp are:

-Routes and walks to discover the landscapes that surround us.

-Bird watching to learn about local species.

-Ornithological marathons.

-Gymnastics to keep fit for activities.

-Traditional games, to learn about popular culture and folklore.

-Activities of survival , to learn to get out of dangerous situations in the forest, learn to orient yourself, keep your basic needs covered, etc.

-Activities for tracking animal tracks and tracks, to discover in a fun and interesting way the animals that inhabit the area and where they move.

-Activities of identification of aromatic and medicinal plants, to know their properties and benefits.
In addition, they will visit the places of interest in the area, such as the site of the Atapuerca lagoons, where they will learn about the Paleolithic animals and the environment of that time.

Multi Adventure Camps Olmos De Atapuerca

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