Multi Adventure Camps in Aznalcollar

Multi Adventure Camps in Aznalcollar

Guide of multi-adventure camps in Aznalcollar . Find prices of adventure camps in Aznalcollar to practice adventure sports and active tourism. All companies that organize adventure colonies in Aznalcollar with all kinds of activities for children and young people.
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Over Limit
Company Aznalcollar (Sevilla)

Over Limit Multiadventure Camps organizes the funniest summer camps for children between 7 and 14 years old, full of activities and adventure. The facilities are at Finca El Campillo, which is located in the Sevillian town of Aznalcóllar. The drive from the city of Seville takes about half an hour. Among all the activities offered we can highlight: - Active sports and games: Children will practice all kinds of adventure sports such as climbing, rappelling or orientation in the natural environment. Of course all these activities are carried out under the careful supervision of qualified monitors and always respecting all the required safety standards. - Traditional sports: You can also play lifelong sports like football, tennis, water polo, cycling. They also propose some lesser-known but also very fun sports such as indiaka (similar to badminton but hitting the ball with the hand instead of rackets). - Workshops: In these activities children, in addition to having fun, can learn different skills and abilities such as orientating themselves with a compass, identifying different animals and plants or creating their own toys. - Language classes: This is the best way to learn a language, in a fun and entertaining way. The teachers are native speakers and they teach English or Spanish (for foreign children). - Evening: Every good camp worth its salt organizes fun evenings, and Over Limit is no less Before sleeping there will be parties, songs, barbecues, costumes ... (Multi Adventure Camps Aznalcollar)

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