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Description of Tobaventura

In Tobaventura we use everything we have learned in our years of relationship with nature to make it accessible to people like you, who have not yet had contact with this type of activities or want to continue practicing their favorite discipline under professional supervision.

We are accredited technicians , with specialized training as guides and instructors. With this team you can count on us to:

- The descent of ravines: with different levels of difficulty and in different areas, for groups of schoolchildren, families with children from 7 years without any training, as accustomed adventurers who want to know the Leon rivers.

- Hiking: we go on itineraries from 2 hours to several days, spending the night in mountain lodges or rural establishments. All geographical points have a high natural interest so that the absence of difficulty is not at odds with the quality of the landscape.

- Snowshoes: for those who do not want to miss a purely winter day but do not know or do not feel like skiing. We put the material and we can walk on the frozen mantle without further problem.

- Cross-country skiing: we opt for special skis to comfortably walk up. These same skis will allow us to descend faster on slopes if we consider it convenient.

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Iván Martínez Fernández
8 Good
Reviewed the 05/01/15

Review translated from Spanish

Everything as planned and well explained to learn to ski for the first time, although maybe 3 hours are excessive due to fatigue.
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8 Good
Reviewed the 22/07/17
about the activity of: Initiatory canyoning in Picos de Europa Valdeón

Review translated from Spanish

To repeat, I had a good time. A great day and activity for a weekend in company.
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How to get there?

To carry out activities in the surroundings of the Picos de Europa National Park in Posada de Valdeón (León), where we have our Active Tourism facilities, you can access: From León, through the Riaño reservoir and heading to the Port of Panderrueda to get off to Posada de Valdeón. From Madrid, Valladolid and southern areas, direction Palencia, Guardo, Boca de Hurgano, Puerto de Pandetrave and down to Posada de Valdeón. From the Basque Country, Aragon, Catalonia, direction Santander, Unquera, Panes, Potes, port of San Glorio, Port of Pandetrave and descent to Posada de Valdeón. To carry out activities on the mountain near the city of León, such as the Cave of Valporquero, it is not necessary to reach our facilities, a meeting point will be established by phone.

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