Alecrín Actividades y Aventura Mushroom Picking

Travesía Currás 34 36214 Vigo (Pontevedra)
 Gathering mushrooms in Pontevedra  Next to the river  In the valley  Spectacular views of the coast  Crossing the stream  Routes in Alecrín

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Description of Alecrín Actividades y Aventura Mushroom Picking

The moist soil that exists throughout the year in Galicia has meant that in its forests there are many species of fungi, both edible and poisonous. In Alecrín Activities and Adventure we have several mycological routes to discover the mushrooms and to learn what is necessary to go out on your own to the forest to look for them.

Our center is in Vigo , in the province of Pontevedra, but we also act anywhere in Galicia that you know and want to know, because we do personalized activities near your accommodation.

It is possible that in one day you will see more mushrooms than in your whole life, and of all types. With the typical mushroom shape, with rare forms, a delicious flavor and other very curious.

One of the places we will explore is the Cortegada Island , in the Illas Atlánticas natural park, where we will find the queticolor lactarius, chanterelles and the rare clitopilus scyphoides, among many more species.

The other place is the Tea River Valley, in Mondariz , where there is also an amazing variety of boletus, chanterelles and more types of fungi.

And remember that we can move to the native areas of your area to discover the world of fungi around you.

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