Music Camps in A Coruña

Music Camps in A Coruña

Guide to music campaigns in A Coruña . Find prices for musical camps in A Coruña where to practice modalities such as rock, dance or theater. All companies that organize music camps in A Coruña and activities for children and young people.

All the Music Camps companies in A Coruña

Colegio Internacional Eirís
Company A Coruña (City) (A Coruña)

The Eirís International College in July brings its students a little closer to art without abandoning languages ​​with our Music Camps. Percussion, wind, string ... they won't stop playing their favorite instruments while you practice English. Aimed at students between 8 and... (Music Camps A Coruña)

Escuela Púlsar
Company Oleiros (A Coruña)

In Pulsar Rockschool we love music and that is why we have turned our passion into our profession. But it's not just that, now we are dedicated to teaching and sharing our knowledge with others, and we invite people to enjoy music. If you had never considered playing any in... (Music Camps A Coruña)