Music Camps in Aragón

Music Camps in Aragón

Guide to music campaigns in Aragón . Find prices for musical camps in Aragón where to practice modalities such as rock, dance or theater. All companies that organize music camps in Aragón and activities for children and young people.

All the Music Camps companies in Aragón

Valle de Tena Campus Musical
Company El Pueyo De Jaca (Huesca)

Are your children music lovers? We have the perfect activity for them: the Valle de Tena music campus. A magnificent musical camp that will help them improve their interpretive skills. The camp tries to transmit to the children some musical knowledge that allows... (Music Camps Aragón)

Bravo Espacio Música
Company Huesca (City) (Huesca)

Bravo Espacio Música prepares a campus for children from 8 years old between July 7 and 14. It takes place in the town of Frula, which is located in the natural area of ​​Los Monegros, and aims to be a point in which to share experiences in this discipline between... (Music Camps Aragón)

Música Activa
Company Huesca (City) (Huesca)

Active Music aims to make music available to everyone and for this purpose it has created this camp. As music is for everyone who likes it, we will show you that the practice and active enjoyment of it is not just for students. The camps and courses will take... (Music Camps Aragón)

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