Ekalis Orienteering

C/ La Molina, nº 9 Bajo C 38730 Fuencaliente (La Palma)
 follow the compass  dorsal of the palm  views from the peak view of the snows  we will enjoy the best views  follow the indications  find your way

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Description of Ekalis Orienteering

From Ekalis we propose you to enter the world of nature in order to learn to develop in it and guide you correctly. Our activity of orientation is very beneficial to develop our senses, wake up to the most logical side of our mind and, above all, to know how to get out of a difficult situation in the middle of nature.

This orientation circuit consists in finding the beacons distributed along the route with the sole help of a compass and a map that you must follow and interpret correctly to achieve the different points. We will divide the participants into two teams and you must work together to find the way before your adversary.

In this activity we also find different levels of difficulty because we can complicate the position of the beacons as well as reducing the maps so that you have to make an extra effort to find the way.

During the activity you will be followed closely by our expert guides so security is completely assured and there is no chance that you will end up lost in the middle of the field.

Come and enjoy nature with Ekalis and learn to move around it as authentic experts.

Orienteering Fuencaliente

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