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 Looking for the way to the meeting point  Using map and compass  Learn to orient yourself in rural roads  Road between the bushes  We stopped to eat something  We spent the night in the store

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Description of Gesportur Orienteering

Going for a walk in the woods or mountains is a healthy habit that we don't have to lose. However, this should not be an excuse for us to neglect because getting confused can be easier than it seems. That's why in Gesportur , we combine our excursions with orientation lessons so that this never happens to you. We want you to always be clear on the way home.

Through the guidance concepts that we will work on:

- We will learn how to use a compass . Locating the north in any situation is the basis for knowing where we are. In addition, this device with so many years of history will not run out of batteries and can help you out in all cases.

- We will deal with how a map is interpreted , an indisputable complement to the compass and that will return us without much trouble to the destination we are trying to locate.

Also, if you fancy or have any of these devices, we can make a small foray into the new GPS electronic guidance systems that have become part of all mountain rescue teams.

Orienteering Palencia (Ciudad)

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