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Did you like this company?

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Description of Murcia Birding

Murcia Birding is a company located in Murcia that offers bird routes guided and oriented to your needs. Through its routes you will be able to see and be in contact with different types of birds, among those birds it is worth highlighting:

• Woodpeckers

• Country birds

• Forest birds

• Steppe birds

• Waterfowl

• Seabirds

Our routes:

• Sierra Litoral

• Central Coastline

• The Virgin Coast

• Ramblas Litorales

• Salt lagoons

• Wetlands and Azarbes


  • Ornithological routes: Discover how birds live, share a day with them and enjoy a unique experience.

Other services:

  • Custom programs: Customize or design your routes with our professionals.
  • Birding-tour : different activities on a dream tour, don't miss this opportunity.
  • Eco-Itineraries: Walking doesn't get as tired when it's between friends and seeing animals as peculiar as birds. Enjoy this experience as a group, it will leave you with your mouth open.
  • Ornithological guide service: Let the professionals advise you and teach the most striking characteristics of the different kinds of birds.
  • Photography / Outdoor location: We advise and help you get the photographic material you are looking for.

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